A Wedding That Almost Wasn’t

This wedding almost didn’t happen as scheduled.  Only 3 days before on Wednesday, April 27th, storms ripped through the state of Alabama, killing hundreds and leaving thousands without power.  Stephanie and Trent thought about rescheduling or making alternate plans (courthouse?), but luckily things just happen to have a way of working out.

Their wedding coordinator, Miss Susie, called the Huntsville Botanical Garden and asked them if they were open and had power. They weren’t and they didn’t, but Miss Susie got them to open just for this wedding and the couple! How awesome is that?

That took care of one problem.  The other was electricity.  There was none to be found anywhere in north Alabama!

Enter Steve Metz of Metropolitan DJ.  He made a ‘quick’ trip (7+ hours round trip if you’d like to call that quick) to Atlanta to purchase generators for the ceremony and reception.

Speaking of the reception, things had to wrap up early before sundown because the Sheriff’s department had instituted a curfew with the power outages. So as soon as the newlyweds left, everyone had to wrap things up quickly to be home before sundown!

Oh, and special thanks to Stephanie and Trent for giving us our first hot meal in four days!


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