Stephanie & Doug Highlights

Take two families… add in friends, humor, minimal stress, a stretch limo and your favorite pet dogs and you have the recipe for a beautiful May wedding!

The day started early with getting the reception venue (aka: couple’s home) ready for the evening.  Afterwards it was a quick trip to the church to get married before coming back as a new family with a hundred of your closest friends there!

Special thanks to Steve Metz of Metropolitan DJ for running another smooth show and David Olive of Olive’s Photography capturing the moments!

2 Responses to “Stephanie & Doug Highlights”

  1. joy1013 says:

    Beautiful video. This made me cry a lot. Stephanie is a beautiful person. I just watched her season of the bachelor for the first time and when she told me about her love storu, I had to see if I could find more out about her. What a blessing to see her love story. May her husband rest in peace. God bless Stephanie and her little girl. Beautiful video.

  2. Sherry says:

    I have thought of you over the years since I saw you on the bachelor……..I felt for you and your little girl…….though I thought you were to classy for the show…..that’s not to disrespect the others you were just different and suddenly today I come across this video…..I am so happy to know you found the light of your life. Best wishes to you and your family. God Bless what a beautiful bride you were!!

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